Sign the petition taking a stand against the COVID vaccine for our children. Remind your representatives and lawmakers that it is unconstitutional, dangerous, and anti-American to make our children part of a medical experiment.

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  • 1.On October 26, 2021, the FDA granted EUA for vaccinating children 5-11 yrs old. This is in spite of research that the vaccine has harmful side effects and the glaring fact that there is no risk/benefit gain. Government health and regulatory agencies are not being transparent about the vaccine’s safety.
  • 2.One day later on October 27th, Dr. Brian Dressen, Ph.D., a chemist with an extensive background in researching and assessing the degree of efficacy in new technologies and one of the scientists who testified during the 8-hour FDA approval hearing, told the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Pfizer’s vaccine “Failed any reasonable risk-benefit calculus in connection with children.”
  • 3.Support groups for vaccine-injured adults are growing. Memberships number into the tens of thousands. We must do better for our children. We cannot have our children injured, tossed aside, and forgotten.
  • 4.The FDA has known first-hand about thousands of injury cases. The FDA acknowledges that their own systems are not identifying this issue and that VAERS is not designed to identify multi-system issues.
  • 5.Pfizer's own application and announcement making Covid vaccines available for children 5-11 states: “Long-term safety of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine ... in participants 5 to < 12 years of age will not be studied until after the vaccine is authorized for children,”
  • 6.The Biden administration purchased 68,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine for children 5-11 yrs old, 10 days in advance of the FDA EUA clearance for children, virtually forcing approval.
  • 7.COVID vaccines for children don't make sense. For children without a serious medical condition, the danger of severe COVID is “so low as to be difficult to quantify.”
  • 8.A parent’s interest and responsibility is to make the best decisions for the individual child. The vaccine decision must remain with the child’s parents and not with government representatives.


As a constituent, I urge you to oppose any law mandating COVID-19 vaccines for children.

Making a decision to vaccinate millions of kids based on a 2 month trial of just 2,268 is reckless and will result in needless harm.

The FDA’s endorsement of EUA use doesn’t make it safe. In fact, the president ordered 65 million doses of the vaccine before FDA endorsement.

Children have low risk of complications from C-19. The survival rate for them is 99.998% and hospitalization is rare.

Vaccinating kids won’t protect adults. It exposes a large group of kids at low risk from C-19 to potential harm from the vaccine.

The vaccine is designed to prevent severe disease, not the spread of disease. Vaccinating kids won’t stop the spread of C-19 to the older population.

According to VAERS, 21,298 teens aged 12-17 have reported adverse events.

A significant number of people in this age group developed myocarditis, a serious heart condition. The condition was more common the younger the patient.

Requiring unnecessary vaccines for children would be an unconstitutional threat to their health and wellbeing.

We stand for Medical freedom. We support your right to make medical decisions in your best interest and in the best interest of your children.

The FDA and government bodies are contravening our medical freedoms and the safety of our children.

The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act Of 1986 requires parents to be informed of vaccine risks and benefits prior to the distribution of each vaccine. This law also established the compensation program for vaccine injury and death because vaccines are classified as medically “unavoidably unsafe”

Stand with us and tell your elected representatives that you want them to protect your rights, as citizens and as parents.